Rockfish Season 2020

Before we get into the particulars, let me tell you my THREE favorite reasons to rock fish:

1. surprise species!

While you are down there trying to catch rockfish, you will find that there are a wide variety of fish eating your bait, there is literally no telling what you might hook into. Some fish come to mind though; Halibut, White fish, Bonito, Shark, Bass, Barracuda, Sheepshead, Yellowtail, and that is just to name a few.


Catching rock fish is not difficult. Pull up to about 180 feet of water and let your bait sink to the bottom. Wait for the tug, and reel them up. Sometimes you will even catch more than one at a time. The bigger rockfish put up a decent fight until they start to surface, and then they inflate like a soccer ball due to decompression, making them come up very easy.

3. Taste great, less filling

Millennials out there may not get the joke above, but Rock fish is some of the best eating fish out there. Soft, white, flaky meat that hardly taste like fish. Of course, the best dish to make is MEXICAN FISH TACOS. Most people do not know it, but if you have ever had real Mexican fish tacos, you were probably being served rock fish or rock cod.

March 1st, 2020 is opening day for the Rockfish Season! Before the season ended on December 31st, we were catching limits on almost every HALF DAY trip. Departing daily from Mission Bay, the Kraken (30' 6 pack) will be chasing rock fish all season. Any trip 6 hours and above, open party or private, is perfectly suitable to bring home limits or close to limits with nearly wide open fishing.


Once the captain finds the spot, he will let you know. Wait for the boat to come to a complete stop before dropping your line! Remember to keep your thumb on the line as you decend, or you will get a nasty tangle. If you are not familiar how saltwater fishing reels work, just ask a crew member for assistance. Once you hit the bottom you will know because the line you are letting out will go slack. Once you feel that, put the reel in gear and relax. When you feel the tip of the rod being weighted down, you know you have a rockfish. Give a quick tug to set the hook and then real it up!


Rock fish love dead frozen squid. We will have plenty on hand!


20lb test line, heavy braided line, and preferably a two speed reel.


Have a crew member tie you up with a two hook rig. 2 at a time!


90-300 feet strait down. Your arms will soon feel like spaghetti.

After the Trip

Here is one of my favorite recipes for Ensenada Style Battered fish tacos.

By the way, if you need your fished shipped anywhere in the country, just ask, we do that! We use Five Star Fish Processing in Point Loma and they can ship nationwide on dry ice, overnight delivery.

or call 619.508.7823.

See you on the water!